Experience Freedom

Women, we have always been pressured to look picture perfect and appealing in order to fit into current trends of what is considered to be beautiful.  To achieve this look we have gone to great lengths to remove our unwanted hair.  We have gone through the pain of waxing, sugaring, plucking, electrolysis and early laser hair removal treatments with lasers that were slow and painful.  Unwanted hair burdens us to live our lives worrying about exposing certain body parts or takes our self-confidence away. That is why more and more women are considering laser hair removal.


Imagine a life free of unwanted hair. Imagine just being able to step outside whenever and however. The freedom will feel so good.

Should I do Laser Hair Removal?

Laser hair removal is really the best way to have long-term hair reduction.  It's as permanent as it gets. Now with the Alma Soprano XL laser I work with laser hair removal became even better - pain free with proven results.

Now is the time that you also get the freedom of not having to worry about the unwanted hair on your body. No more painful waxing, shaving or plucking! Laser hair removal at Laser Lounge by M makes this dream a reality.


I offer laser hair removal treatments in the comfort of my own home where I created a clean, elegant and private lounge for you to enjoy during your treatments.  The moment you step inside you will become the one and only, most important person that I will attend to because, yes, you are worth it!


Number of Treatments

Hair grows in several distinct  phases:  anagen - growth, catagen - transition, and telogen - rest.  All lasers can only affect the currently active growing hair follicles, ie the early anagen stage.  At any point only a portion of your hair will be in the anagen phase.  This is why several sessions are always needed:  to kill hair follicles in all phases of growth.


The exact number of sessions you will need depends on several individual factors including the area of the body being treated, skin color, coarseness of your hair, your sex, and the degree of hair reduction or elimination desired.


In general, coarse, dark hair on light skin is the easiest to treat.  Certain areas require  considerably more treatments than others to achieve desired results. Also, the smaller the difference between the pigment in your hair and skin the more treatments you will need to get the degree of hair reduction you want.  We will discuss your unique case during our consultation.


For best results it is recommended to have 12 treatments, however, as mentioned, different people can have different results in the same number of treatments.  You will find ads assuring you that you need only 4-6 treatments.  Be wise, many ads out there are simply too good to be true.  To achieve maximum permanent hair reduction by laser hair removal with a proper amount of energy applied to a specific area you should be prepared to attend 12 sessions.  It may turn out that you will not need all 12 sessions, or at least not on all areas you are treating.  We will not know until we see how your particular treatments progress.